Transforming Lives, One Step at a Time

Our commitment to justice goes beyond words; it's reflected in every action we take and every life we touch. As a vital pillar in the New Haven community, we pride ourselves on our ability to create meaningful change through our comprehensive programs and unwavering dedication.

When you partner with us, you're not just supporting a cause; you're becoming a catalyst for transformation. Through our Pretrial Defense Fund, individuals gain the freedom to navigate their legal challenges with dignity and resolve. Our Immigrant Bail Fund provides a glimmer of hope for those trapped in the labyrinth of immigration detention, offering a chance at a brighter tomorrow.

But our impact doesn't stop there. With our Family Justice Hub, families find solidarity and support as they navigate the complexities of the legal system together. Our Women's Group empowers individuals to reclaim their voices and stand tall against systemic injustices. And through our Prison Support Hotline, we offer a lifeline to those in need, ensuring no one faces incarceration alone.

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